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06 January 2009 @ 08:57 am
13 headers and banners  
5 House journal headers
3 House friends only banners
1 Sweeney Todd friends only banner
1 Tina Fey friends only banner
1 Tina Fey/Queens of Comedy header
2 Kate Winslet headers
1 Kate Winslet friends only banner

I'm dumping some old headers and FO banners, most of which I used for my own journal at one time or another. Please credit poorfrances if you use. Rick click "save as" to save any of the images.

"Last Resort" header:

"Lucky Thirteen" header:

House/Wilson header (from "One Day, One Room"):

TV Guide photoshoot header (without frames):

TV Guide photoshoot header (with frames):

Wilson/Cuddy Friends Only banner:

House/Wilson "Birthmarks" FO banner (version 1):

House/Wilson "Birthmarks" FO banner (version 2):

Sweeney Todd FO Banner:

Tina Fey FO banner:

Queens of Comedy (Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph & Tina Fey) header:

Kate Winslet FO banner:

Kate Winslet header:

Kate Winslet header (brighter):